Getting started is a quick and easy process. Contact Comfortably Home Coordinator Kristen McEvoy:

Direct phone:  (207) 295-3317

For a Relay Operator:  711


Kristen will run through just a few quick questions to make sure that you are eligible.  There is no application to fill out and no paperwork to complete!

  • From there, Kristen will schedule a visit to your home where she and Comfortably Home Maintenance Technician Matt Thompson will gather more information and walk through the areas of your home where you have needs.  While there, they may check with you about other safety essentials, such as smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.  We do ask that all pets in the household (even the friendly ones!) are put up when Comfortably Home staff is in the home.
  • We often hear from agencies and individuals asking us to reach out to someone they feel could benefit from Comfortably Home.  Comfortably Home requires self-referral. We need to hear directly from anyone requesting services.  If you are aware of special circumstances impacting someone’s ability to make contact, please reach out to us so that we can make arrangements.