Office Assistant

Bath Housing is hiring an Office Assistant.  This person is responsible for responding to customer inquiries and triaging necessary issues to the appropriate department.  They will work within a progressive team environment to develop and create strong, long-lasting relationships with employees, vendors, and residents.

Bath Housing is committed to advancing housing solutions so people from all backgrounds and income levels can live, work, and thrive in our region. Our organizational culture is built around our core values:  1) the relationships we develop through consistent, compassionate, and credible actions and interactions, 2) wellness as it relates to our staff, the people we work with, and our community; and 3) strategic problem solving and innovation as we anticipate and meet the evolving housing regional needs.

Bath Housing is ready to train the right person.  We are looking for someone eager to learn and with solid office and computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Office platforms. Our staff is passionate about affordable housing and the positive impact it has on lives and communities.  We care deeply about people – those who urgently need housing, those live in the homes we develop and manage, and our employees who work hard to support them.  We take the professional development of our employee’s very seriously and place high value on training and employee health and wellness.

This is a part-time, ~16 hour/week position with a starting hourly rate between $16.26 and $18.67 depending on skill and experience level.  To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to .

Bath Housing is an equal opportunity employer. This opportunity is covered under Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968.