COVID-19 Resident Communication: July 14, 2020

COVID-19:  July 14, 2020 Weekly Update


A new statewide executive order strengthens mask and mask enforcement requirements.  People are required to wear face coverings in public settings & outside where physical distancing is not possible.

“It is important that we wear face coverings as people begin to interact more and more,” Mills said in a statement. “Doing so can slow the spread of COVID-19, protect the health and safety of those around us, support businesses and allow us to safely reopen our economy. I know it may be inconvenient for some, but I also believe that Maine people care about each other, and this simple gesture is a small price to pay for knowing you could save someone’s life.”

Bath Housing has masks!  If you need a mask, call Sarah at 295-3506.


Community Resources

  • Today’s food bank delivery is the last delivery for the summer as the Food Bank addresses increased demand. The Food Bank is still open, and you can send someone there for you.  Bath Housing will continue Cooking for Community meals and Gleaned Produce through the summer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  In addition, the Y continues its Mobile Meal Delivery. Please call Kristen at 295-3317 if you have food needs and would like additional resources.
  • City Bus is running Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bath Housing has free bus passes (10 at a time).  Call Sarah at 295-3506 with your name, building/apt #, and if you want tickets mailed or delivered.
  • AARP Friendly Voice volunteers are happy to chat with anyone who would like to connect. Call 1-888-281-0145 or fill out the Friendly Voice request form at
  • You can search for anything with a call to 211. They are updating their resources daily!


Bath Housing Updates


As of July 1:

  • Masks are still required in all indoor and outdoor community spaces.
  • Maintenance is taking care of routine work orders in order of receipt. They have a backlog of 48 work orders since April they are busy taking care of.  Please continue to be patient!  All work orders must be called into the office at 443-3116.
  • Buildings are open to residents and essential visitors only. Many residents are at high risk for complications related to COVID-19.  Please do not invite guests to the property.
  • While Bath Housing staff will be enjoying well-earned vacation time, please know we take the health of the team and residents very seriously. Staff are following the “Keep Maine Healthy” plan.


The next Quarter Exchange is August 11.  If you need quarters, call Sarah at 295-3506.

New Staff:  We are thrilled to welcome Kathy Smith to Bath Housing. Kathy has worked for Habitat for Humanity/7 Rivers Maine and United Way of Midcoast Maine. She has a strong commitment to the community and a history of providing information and referral services, relationship building, and program implementation. Kathy will be taking on the Resident Service Coordinator role at Anchorage, Dikes Landing and Moorings.  Kristen will continue working with Seacliff and Seacliff Family and managing Comfortably Home.


Liz Bailey, the Sweetser Social Worker dedicated to supporting Bath Housing residents, is able meet in person in your home if you wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.  To discuss options, including in-person meetings or remote options by phone or video, call Liz directly at 468-2876 or call Kristen at 295-3317.


Community Resource Guides are now available in the Community Room at Anchorage, Dikes Landing, Moorings, and Seacliff.  If you would like a paper copy, please call Kristen at 295-3317.  Kristen is always available to help with any of the resources listed in the guide as well as additional options.


Comcast Internet Essentials is extending their 60 days of free Internet service to new customers through the end of this year (after this period, the cost for monthly service is $9.95/month).  Computers are available at discounted costs.  They have other benefits such as allowing service for individuals with past due Comcast balances and making free access to their public Wifi hot spots.  For more information or to apply, visit or call 1-855-846-8376.