COVID-19 Resident Update: May 12, 2020

Here is our weekly update for residents with “Good Stuff”, property updates, resource updates and safety reminders.


More Good Stuff:

  • A Moorings resident wants to send out public thanks and blessings to everyone who is involved in any of the food delivery in any way.
  • Thank you to all of you who provided recycled bags and/or egg cartons for the Food Bank.
  • More Good Stuff that you would like to include here? Let Kristen know!


Property Updates

  • The daffodils are up, which makes it a good time to touch base about a variety of warm weather updates. As with everything in our COVID-19 world, any of this information is subject to change depending on health trends and precaution recommendations.  You will find garden updates in a separate notice; there is lots of other spring information to share:
  • What about Air Conditioners? We know how important these can be as the weather gets warmer and we plan to proceed with installing individual Air Conditioners in June.  As we get closer to this time, we will share more information on steps that will be needed to keep everyone as safe as possible during these installations.  If you have had an A/C before, you will automatically be added to the installation listIf you have not had an A/C installed before and would like one installed this year, please call Sarah at the office and remember that your A/C must be Energy Star rated and cannot exceed 6,000 BTUs.  Because we are getting started a little late this year, we will also be deducting one month of energy charges from your rent statement.
  • Maintenance staff has been getting the grills out over the past week. All residents are welcome to use these as long as they are cleaned after each use.  We are asking that only one household at a time use the grills, that hands be washed before and after use, that masks be worn while grilling (though not eating!) and that a distance of at least 6 feet be kept from anyone else who might be outside.  It will be a while yet before cookout gatherings will be safe.
  • We have changed building cleaning services to Xtra Mile Their staff will be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintaining appropriate distancing while cleaning and disinfecting common areas.  Xtra Mile will get started this Wednesday, May 13.


Resource Updates

  • The Maine Senior FarmShare is still happening! This provides $50 worth of local produce direct from a farm at no cost.  Anyone who is age 60 or older with an income under $23,107 for a one-person household or under $31,284 for a two-person household is eligible to participate.  Because of the current COVID-19 precautions, this year you may enroll by phone, which means calling the farm of your choice directly.  We contacted the program for information on the participating farms closest to us this year and also made sure to include the farms where residents participated last year.  The phone numbers listed are the numbers that you would call to enroll with that farm:
    • Whatley Farm (844-0381) attends the Brunswick Farmers Market and the Crystal Springs Farm Farmers Market in Brunswick. This farm is the source of the duck eggs that the gleaners were bringing for a while.
    • Spear’s Farm Stand (832-4488) attends the Brunswick Farmers Market
    • Fairwinds Farm attends the Brunswick Farmers Market.
    • SeaLyon Farm (443-924-0352) attends the Wiscasset Waterfront Farmers Market.
    • Harvest Tide Organics (449-7274) has a farm stand in Bowdoinham.
    • Tender Soles (620-0030) is an organic, horse-powered farm with a farm stand in Richmond
    • *Farmers Markets will likely look quite different this year.  You can talk with any of the farms above about what they expect the options to be for pick-up.


  • Ann Harford has retired as Animal Control Officer and the new officer is James McKnight. Contact him at 443-5563 with any animal-related concerns, including any potentially rabid animals around your building.


  • If you have a household of more than one person and someone in your household needs a mask, please give our office a call.


  • Are you someone who did not receive a $1,200 government stimulus check (Economic Impact Payment) and has questions about this? In addition to the options available at, CA$H volunteers are also available to help with questions about whether you are eligible for a payment and/or what you need to do to receive it.  The closest CA$H volunteers are in the Capital Area chapter, and you can reach them at 621-3430.



  • This is yet another reminder about the expanded availability of Meals on Wheels! If you have any interest, call Spectrum Generations at 1-800-639-1553 to find out if having prepared meals delivered to you at home at no cost could be an option during this time.  Remember, too, that this can be an especially helpful option if you have dietary restrictions.


Safety Reminders

  • We have been hearing from multiple residents who do not feel safe because neighbors are not following COVID-19 precautions. For some, this means fear about leaving their apartment at all because neighbors are not wearing masks in common areas, are coming closer than 6 feet indoors and/or outdoors, are allowing social visitors to enter the building or are coming and going from the building without following precautions.  Keeping in mind how very many individuals here are at high risk for serious COVID-19 complications, it is understandable that it would feel scary to venture out of the apartment.  The Governor’s Order requiring distancing of at least six feet and restricting visits in or out to only those providing essential care or services is still in effect.  In addition, there is an additional Governor’s Order in place requiring that face masks be worn in all public places where distancing may be difficult.  Please be sure that you are:
    • washing your hands regularly
    • wearing your face mask in all common areas here
    • keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from anyone else, even when wearing a mask, whether indoors or outdoors
    • limiting visitors to the building to those providing essential care or services as well as limiting your own visiting outside the building to situations where you are providing essential care or services as well
  • You will notice new reminders in the elevators about a maximum of 2 people riding at a time.  Additional seating is also being added to the Dikes Landing smoking area so that multiple residents may be in the area and keep a distance of 6 feet apart.
  • In circumstances where a neighbor is not wearing a mask and is also coming closer than 6 feet to you, please let Kevin know so that we may follow up with these individuals.