March 23, 2020 COVID-19 Resident Communication Update


A few important messages for Bath Housing residents:

  • If you requested a Food Box before our list was submitted on Friday, we will deliver a Food Pantry box/bag to your outdoor Resource Table this Thursday, labeled with your apartment number. If you are able, please assist neighbors who may need help getting their items inside. If you do not wish to remain on the list for deliveries every other week, please let us know.
  • If you did not get your name to us before the deadline last Friday, we will add you to the next list for delivery in 2 weeks. Please contact Kristen at 295-3317 for assistance in identifying any food resources before that time.
  • Maintenance staff will continue Emergency Work Orders only and will be asking that you relocate to another area of your apartment while they are working.
  • Servpro will be entering Anchorage, Dikes Landing, Moorings and Seacliff community spaces to provide estimates for cleaning today at 1. They will be using precautions while in the building.
  • When gleaning and building notices are delivered today, we will also be delivering surveys from Dogwill about any needs for pet food and supplies. Please leave the completed surveys in an envelope on your Resource Table on Wednesday morning, as Dogwill staff will pick them up then.
  • In an effort to keep our operations running, we are limiting the amount of contact that our staff has with each other and have made arrangements for some staff to work remotely. If you need to access the office dropbox or need assistance with something like copies in person, please come between 10 am-4 p Monday-Friday.
  • In a further effort to reduce the spread of illness, community area trash bins are being removed from the buildings. If you need to throw anything away in the Laundry Room, please take it back to your apartment.

In addition, the following information relates to those with children:

  • The Food Bank is providing to-go meals Tuesdays and Thursdays 12noon-1pm and they are attempting to provide multiple meals at each pick-up. The Food Pantry is open from 5-7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for pick-up. Their process has been modified to avoid as much contact as possible. They will be open tomorrow (Tuesday) whether it snows or not. Check there for pet supplies from Dogwill or contact Dogwill about curbside delivery at their office on Washington Street.
  • The Bath Skatepark is offering to-go meals and groceries to any local youth Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-5pm in the Skatepark parking lot. From a distance of 6 feet, students will be able to point to what they need most. They do also have some toiletries and school supplies available. If you do not have transportation to the Skatepark, they may have a volunteer able to assist with delivery (Skatepark: 443-8750).
  • Any child under 18 can pick up Grab and Go breakfasts and lunches at Dike-Newell or Fisher-Mitchell Monday-Friday 10:30am-1pm and can pick up multiple meals at once. Participating children do not need to be enrolled in RSU 1 schools.

Please hang in there and call the main office at 443-3116 or Kristen at 295-3317 if we can assist with anything.