Request for Proposals

Project Based Vouchers for Elderly Persons

Bath Housing Authority is requesting proposals for up to Twelve (12) Project Based Vouchers which will provide housing subsidy to units for occupancy by very low income elderly households.  Subsidy for the selected project will be attached to rehabilitated and newly constructed units in the Greater Bath area.  Applications will be scored based on the following criteria: 1) Owner Experience and capability to build or rehabilitate senior housing; 2) Extent to which the proposed project furthers the Bath Housing goal of deconcentrating poverty and expanding housing and economic opportunities; 3) Extent to which services for special populations are provided on site in the immediate area; and 4) Percentage of assisted units. Proposals will be accepted until August 10, 2020 at Bath Housing, 80 Congress Ave, Bath, ME 04530.  For full Request for Proposals and additional information please contact Deb Keller at (207) 443-3116 or .  Bath Housing is an equal housing opportunity provider.