About Us

Bath Housing’s Administration Office after a snowstorm.

Bath Housing works to enhance housing stability for seniors, disabled households, and families in the Bath area. We provide safe, attractive, efficient, and affordable housing which promotes positive outcomes in education, employment, overall health, and financial stability. Our organization owns and manages 185 affordable apartments serving older adults and people with disabilities as well as administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Our four complexes, representing 137 apartments, are available to income-eligible adults 62 and over and individuals with disabilities.

Stable housing is at the core of health and wellness. A video released by the Urban Institute highlights the challenges housing insecure people face as well as the work being done nationwide to address those issues.

It is the goal of Bath Housing that every person lives in a home that is appropriate to the needs and resources of the household.  By appropriate, we mean that a) housing costs are less than 40% of income; b) housing is safe and decent; c) housing is size, maintenance and burden manageable; d) there is security of tenure; and e) location is convenient to required amenities.  With this in mind, Bath Housing works on enhancing existing policies, programs, and services – or developing new ones – to respond to the needs in our service area.