Bath Housing Authority and Bath Housing Development Corporation are mission driven organizations that work to enhance housing stability for older adults, those with disabilities, and families in the greater Bath, Maine area in order to have a safe, vibrant, just and prosperous community.

Stable housing is at the core of health and wellness. It promotes positive outcomes in education, employment, physical and mental health, and financial stability. Housing plays a significant role in strong, resilient families and vibrant communities.

The need in the greater Bath area is real.  The existing housing stock is not well suited to the changing demographics in our region.  One in six area residents live in unstable housing situations – they can’t afford it, it’s a maintenance burden, or the quality is poor.  Low vacancy rates and long waiting lists compound the problem.

At Bath Housing, we develop and operate housing that supports stability, self-sufficiency, self-respect and pride for residents. The housing we provide represents a long-term community asset.