Area Landlord List

Bath Housing has compiled a list of local private landlords and property managers as a resource for you. Please understand this list is not comprehensive and does not include any vacancy information. If you are seeking information about subsidized apartments in the area, please refer to the MaineHousing list of Affordable Housing Options for any county at the following website: We have included links to on-line housing resources at the bottom of the page.

CMP Property Management207-443-1780 
D & D Properties207-841-2756 
D.F. Thurston Corp401-419-6760 
Keystone Management/Atlantic Townhouse Apts207-443-4411 
Kimbru Co.207-725-2096 
Perry Leavitt207-798-0176 
Peter Kelley207-443-4086 
Sabrina Doak207-798-1978 
William McDougal207-389-4218 

On-line Resources: