Frequently Asked Questions

INCOME ELIGIBILITY test MUST be met prior to being placed on the waiting list.  The income limit for a HCV is 50% of area median income (found here) also known as Very Low Income.  The Income Limits are set annually by HUD and are updated with Bath Housing.

FAIR MARKET RENTS (FMR) are published annually by HUD on or around October of each year.

PAYMENT STANDARDS are set by Bath Housing once the Fair Market Rents have been established by HUD.  Based on market conditions, Bath Housing has the sole discretion to set the payments standards between 90% and 110% of HUD’s published Fair Market Rents.  When the payment standards change, families adopt the new payment standards at their annual re-certification or move, which ever occurs first.

UTILITY ALLOWANCES are set by Bath Housing and reviewed annually and changes are made in accordance with HUD regulations.  Families move to the any new utility allowance schedule at the time of their annual re-certification.

APPLICATIONS AND WAITING LISTS are processed by date and time of receipt and in accordance with Bath Housing’s preferences and Administrative Plan.  A master waiting list is always kept on file, and occasionally updated to verify the list is accurate.

ANNUAL REEXAMINATIONS are conducted on all participating families at-least once annually. General authorization and declaration forms are mailed to the families 90 days prior to the effective date.  Income, Assets, and Deductions are verified directly with the third parties via written documentation.  Any declaration to the family or verification to a third party that is not returned within 5 business days are sent second requests.  Any family that fails to return required paperwork after a second request is sent a termination letter.  Third party verification’s that are not returned after a second request is followed up by a phone call.  Only after two written attempts and two documented phone calls does the Bath Housing use tenant certification for income, assets or deductions.  The entire annual re-certification process MUST be completed 30-days prior to the effective date, as to allow the tenant and the landlord reasonable notice of the changes.


INTERIM REEXAMINATIONS are conducted in between annual reexaminations.  Examples of interim’s include the following:

  • Changes in rent and or utilities require 60-days written notice to the family and Bath Housing. Any rent increase or change in utilities requires the Rent Reasonable process to be completed.  Any change in utilities also requires a new HAP contract.
  • Changes in income, assets, or deductions which requires third party verification’s. Interim’s are completed as soon as feasible, but will give 30 days notice of the change if the tenants’ portion is an increase.
  • Changes in family composition. Any additions require a social security card and birth certificate.  If the additional member is over 18, it requires written permission from the landlord, signed releases, declaration of income and assets and a criminal background check.

INCOME OF MINORS OR FULL-TIME STUDENTS If a minor or full-time student is living in the household, up to $480.00 of their EARNED income is counted toward the total household income. Unearned income such as SS and SSI is also counted towards the families’ total income.

DAYCARE DEDUCTION is only allowed for the head of household or spouse to attend work or school.  If the deduction is to allow the head of household or spouse to work, the amount of the deduction cannot exceed income from employment.  Bath Housing cannot stipulate who can care for a dependent child. Example – Bath Housing cannot deny the daycare deduction because there is another unemployed adult member of the household.

DECREASE IN FAMILY COMPOSITION will result in re-evaluation of the families’ bedroom size eligibility.  A decrease in bedroom eligibility size will take effect on the next annual re-certification or move, which ever occurs first.  In the event that a family chose to remain in the unit, the family will be financially responsible for the difference between the gross rent of the unit and the payment standard for the bedroom size for which they are eligible.

MOVES AND PORTABILITY to a jurisdiction other than Bath Housing’s are allowed after the family has satisfied their initials year’s lease or with written release of the lease from the landlord.  Once this requirement is met and Bath Housing receives a 30-day notice to the current landlord, a 60-day voucher is issued to the family along with moving instructions and a Request For Tenancy Approval.