New Hope for Women assists women, men, their children, friends, family, and all people affected by domestic and dating violence. click here

Pine Tree Legal Assistance click here

New Ventures Maine help individuals recognize strengths, overcome barriers, find resources, develop a plan, take action towards their goals: start a business, find a career, return to school, build assets, be active in the community. click here

Tedford Housing: initiatives to end homelessness. click here

Preble Street empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty, and to advocate for solutions to these problems. click here

Volunteers of America click here

Volunteers of America Mediation Services click here

Volunteers of America for veterens. click here

Habitat for Humanity 7 Rivers Maine click here

Veteran Affairs Supported Housing Program (VASH) is an initiative to house all veterans, administered by Portland Housing Authority. click here

If you feel you have experienced discrimination in the housing industry, contact:

Maine Human Rights Commission Office of the Commission 51 State Housing Station Augusta, ME 04330, (207)624-6290;

Boston Regional Office of FHEA, US Department of HUD, (617) 994-8300 or (800) 827-5005