Bath Housing Releases New Strategic Plan

Bath Housing has released a new strategic plan that will guide efforts over the next three to five years. The new plan aims to meet the needs of existing residents while developing new housing options in the region. Throughout its 50-year history, Bath Housing has addressed housing issues in Bath, primarily by maintaining its portfolio of apartments that serve low-income, elderly and disabled tenants.  Housing challenges persist, so in addition to already established programs, Bath Housing intends to pursue programmatic efforts. Those issues include eviction prevention; expansion of Comfortably Home™ – a program that provides accessibility modifications to facilitate ease-of-living as people grow older; implementation of new Mainstream Vouchers for non-elderly people with disabilities; and encouraging ideas for new models to address housing needs.

In addition, Bath Housing will focus on building and growing its relationships – with tenants, municipalities within our service area and our broader community, and within our team.  To facilitate enhanced funding, the organization will focus on external relationships, effective policy development, increased development, and forging new solutions. Lastly, as it grows, Bath Housing will work to ensure growth is aligned with capacity. Predicting and understanding appropriate levels, maintaining a sound financial position with strong financial accountability and supporting efficient operations and ongoing process improvements are the strategies the organization will continue to use in the years ahead. Bath Housing staff and Board are excited to share their plan and about the next phase. To read the full strategic plan, please follow this link.


-Bath Housing Team