Funding Enables 520 Centre Street Phase II Housing Project to Move Forward

BATH—Bath Housing Development Corporation is slated to receive $4 million in federal funds,
designated for construction of 24 additional housing units at 520 Centre Street in Bath. Maine
will receive $426.6 million, part of a $468.7 billion appropriations package signed by President
Joe Biden in March.

These funds — from the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill — enable Bath
Housing to expedite Phase II of the 520 Centre Street project, an important development
considering the ongoing need for housing in our community. The City of Bath and Bath Iron
Works supported the funding request, with both entities recognizing the critical need for housing
options for area employees of BIW, schools, the downtown retail and service sectors, Mid Coast
Hospital, and businesses located at Brunswick Landing. Housing is a vital economic driver and
a tool in creating a healthy, growing community.

“BIW is pleased to work with our community partners in support of local solutions to help
address the critical need for housing in the City of Bath,” said Charles Krugh, President of
General Dynamics Bath Iron Works. “Working together with Bath Housing and the City, we know
there is more we can achieve to help not only our shipbuilders but the community as a whole.”

“Investing in affordable housing is a testament to our desire to reinforce the livability of Bath,”
said City Manager Marc Meyers. “The $4 million federal funding not only addresses the pressing
need for housing, it underscores our commitment to preserving Bath as an affordable, attractive,
and welcoming place to live and work. Affordable housing means people can stay here, move
here, and return here, and we’re hopeful that the success of this project will lead to additional
opportunities for housing development throughout Bath.”

“We’re grateful to Senator Collins’ for facilitating this funding request and we are excited to be
among a number of high priority projects around the state that received funding,” said Bath
Housing Executive Director Deb Keller. ““Bath, like Maine, is growing. We work tirelessly to
ensure this growth is in a healthy, positive way, with stable housing for everyone who wants to
live here.”

Phase 1 includes 18 new two-bedroom apartments and a new office for Bath Housing. Site
work began last fall and construction began this week. It is expected that tenants will be able to
occupy the building in June 2025.