Three New Members Join Board of Bath Housing

An economist from Bowdoin College, an architect and designer of community-based residential projects, and a former librarian and land protection specialist each bring their unique skills to BHDC

BATH — Bath Housing and Development Corporation is pleased to announce three new, distinguished members of the BHDC board. “Bath Housing is working toward ambitious housing goals and the board of directors is a crucial part of this visioning process,” said Barbara Gaul, BHDC Board Chair.  “Roberta, Erik and Toby each bring a valuable skill set and unique perspective to our work and we are thrilled to have them join our board.”

Roberta Jordan served in various capacities over the years as a librarian at the Patten Free Library, and for twenty years was the School Manager at the K-8 Center for Teaching and Learning in Edgecomb, Maine. She also worked as a land protection specialist for a number of years at the Maine chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Toby Gabranski is the owner of Tobias Gabranski/Architects where he guides the design and construction of community-based residential and commercial projects throughout New England. He previously worked as a design and project architect on award-winning mixed-use office, residential and resort community projects in the U.S. and Europe and has managed design and development of several significant office and residential community projects in Boston and London. He is a registered architect in Both Maine and New York.

Erik Nelson is an associate professor of economics at Bowdoin College, relocating to Bath in 2010 after earning his Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a concentration in Environmental Economics and a minor in Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota in 2007. Erik was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University for three years. In addition to belonging to the American Economists Association, Erik is a member of the Association for Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE).

For more information or to contact any BHDC board member, call Executive Director Debora Keller at 207-295-3074, or email her at .


Erik Nelson

Roberta Jordan